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Surge Media Group | is honored to present Surge Version 9.0. Earning the cover shot this time around is none other than our Editor-in-chief, Paul Benco. Now a full-time resident in the Canary Islands, Paul was fortunate enough to hook up with the talented local photographer Jesús de León at a spot simply known as Agujero, “The Hole,” on an A+ swell that hit there recently.  

In this issue of Version 9.0, DK legends Aka Lyman and Bud Miyamoto ponder about the past, present, and future, and we remember the lives Ron McAdams, Roger Fa, and Octavio Gomez Cacho. Also, the Canaries blow up again (translated in English and Spanish), dreams come true in Tahiti, and both Costa Rica and Mexico get invaded by snaps and aerials. Finally, as always, you’ll only find A-grade material within our mouth-watering galleries: Style & Power, Featured Artist (Kavet the Catalyst), Empties, Fitness (Ranes Fitness), Featured Photographer (Jordan Anast) and DK Life. So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and see your sport in the freshest angles possible. We welcome you to Surge 9.0.


Surge Media Group | is proud to present Version 8.0 "THE WIDE ISSUE." The cover of Version 8.0 features Maui's DK Phenom Miles Kauhaahaa at Peahi whose dropknee bomb was photographed by Mike Neal. 

Version 8.0 is packed with action from riders and photographers from all around the world. We, of course, included our staple galleries of action, lifestyle, empty waves, and dropknee, along with our featured full length interviews of Photographer JT Gray, former IBA Tour General Manager Terry McKenna, and finally, Professional Street Artist Kawika Samson (CKaweekS). This and much more can be found within its pages. We welcome you to Surge 8.0.



Surge Media Group | is proud to present Version 7.0. The cover of Version 7.0 features none other than New Jersey's Chris Schlegel punting a massive invert last winter at home in Jersey, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy only months earlier. The photograph was taken by a young local photographer by the name of Tyler Bradley.

Version 7.0 is packed with action from the past year stretching across the globe but with emphasis here on home in the United States. We, of course, included our staple action, lifestyle, empty wave, and dropknee galleries as well as our featured full length interviews with dropkneers Kim Feast and Micah McMullin.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release Surge Version 6.0. The cover showcases Tahitian David “The Killah” Tuarau taking his “Gainer Flip” to a whole new level at one of his locales at home. The photograph was taken by photographer Luke Shadbolt.

Version 6.0 features two main profiles from opposite sides of the Pacific. The first digs deep into the life of Santa Cruz hellman Sundaran “Shindo” Gillespie with none other than Darren Delmore behind the pen. The second is a split profile between Tahitian legends Nicolas “Niko” Richard and cover boy David “The Killah” Tuarau. Version 6.0 then introduces’s new Fitness and Training Correspondent, Mike Simone, and has readers sit with California legends Dan Taylor, Ron Ziebell, and Mike “Libo” Libudziewski as they share some deep history of bodyboarding and the serious consequences that come with it. Other notable content includes profiles with artist Chae, musical group Inna Vision, Anomaly Bodyboards, and the first ever and longest running online bodyboard shop known as Lastly, we look into the lens of the maker of Within—Eric Schnitzer. Expect that as well as all of our staple galleries: Style & Power, Empties, Life, and DK Life.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release Surge Version 5.0. The cover showcases bodyboarding legend Brian Wise pulling into a beast of a wave at Off The Wall on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The photograph was taken by photographer Ricardo Estevez.

Version 5.0  premieres two household bodyboarding names—Maui’s own Jacob Romero, aka Guy Hags, and IBA staff photographer/South African ripper, Sacha “The Spex” Specker. Version 6.0 then brings the ruckus with a photo feature of this past winter in both Hawaii and California, profiles on New York based Atlantic Bodyboard Shop and artist Shorty Fatz, and steps into the vast world of Go Pro with none other than Robbie Crawford. Finally, Surge brings you the Class of 2012, a feature dedicated to the future of bodyboarding. Over three dozen profiles of the best up and coming bodyboarding talent—age 21 & under—from America and other regions in the world. It is the biggest of its kind to have ever been publicized, so don’t miss out on this feature and all the other goods this issue has to offer.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release Surge Version 4.0. The cover showcases Australian hell charger Glen Sullivan charging one of the many treacherous slabs that have given him a name. The photograph was taken by Steve Jones.

Version 4.0 dives into the mind of California’s very own bodyboarding maestro—Joe Grodzen. Then in homage to Stewart and his famed summer of love, Version 4.0 trails the south swell of the decade from Tahiti to Hawaii and on to its landing in California. Version 4.0 also pursues the truth about wave etiquette à la Neo, honors the “true” professionals of the sport, exposes Toobs main man behind the shaping knife—Mike Brum, and delves into Thomas Gaulke’s rediscovery of bodyboarding. Costa Rican prodigy William “Chucky” Fallas Varela expresses the true meaning of “La Pura Vida” through both his riding and lifestyle. Lastly, and of course not least, Version 4.0 houses an extensive 2011/2012 Board Guide!

Version 4.0 marks Surge Bodyboarding’s commitment to four issues a year. Release dates: March, June, October, and December. Expect to see this issue online within the next two weeks.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release Surge Version 3.0. The cover showcases Kona Kuailani doing an air reverse at an outer island spot in the island chain of Hawaii. The photograph was taken by none other than Damien "Dooma Photos" Antioco.

Version 3.0 covers both six time world champion Guilherme Tamega and four time dropknee world champion Dave Hubbard. Also, there is an article dedicated to this past winter season on the North Shore. Plus the staple sections: Style & Power, Empties, The DK Life, and so on.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release Surge Version 2.0. The cover showcases South African Jared Houston. The photograph taken by Maurice Aubuchon of Aubuchon Imagery.

Version 2.0 is a mammoth of an issue. It teeters on 400 pages with multiple profiles, photographer galleries, travel stories, and bodyboard spots, aka zones. The main profiles of the issue go to California gone Hawaii charger Brian Wise and Pipe legend and all around Hawaiian waterman Kainoa McGee. The issue then ventures down south to French Polynesia, back to Sandy's with words from Hauoli Reeves, to The Wedge withRobbie Crawford, across the border with Chuy Silva. Of course, there is much, much more.



Surge Media Group | is proud to release its first issue - Surge Version 1.0. The cover showcases the legend and face of the sport of bodyboarding, Mike Stewart. The photograph taken by Joseph Libby.

Version 1.0 starts off with a no holds bar Q&A with Stewart then proceeds to Chile with photographer Nicola Lugo and crew. From there it's off to Bryan Pezman's blurb on photo trips gone sour, Maui, the connection between New York - New Jersey, North Shore's Jacob VanderVelde, the North Shore '09-'10 season, and El Niño winter on the California coast.

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